We’re Going Back in Time With Women Photography

This back in time with women photography project was amazing! Most people go to a fashion studio to take fashion pics, but I had the opportunity to go back in time with women photography! Welcome to an era where the United States was entering WWII. Back in Time where young men flew off to war and the woman stayed behind to tend to the social aspects of war. It was a blast from the past! So let’s go back in time with women photography!

Also, a big shout out to LEGACY FLIGHT MUSEUM for letting me use their museum for this project. Here is their website! http://rexburg.org/pages/lfm-legacy-flight-museum

Also, check out this article that inspired some of the photo below! http://www.universitytimes.ie/2014/03/over-my-dead-body/

Fashion Girl 1

Alex Grigg’s Fashion Girl 1

Fashion girl 2

Alex Grigg’s Fashion Girl 2

Going back in time, this model did a great job posing for me.  For these photos I used an Einstein Strobe light to capture her images. I used my SQUIBB technique (Studio Quality Invisible Black Background) so that I could get the background as dark as possible so that only she and the car were the main focus of my camera. She did a great for a girl living back in time!

Alex Grigg's Flight Girl 2

Alex Grigg’s Flight Girl 1

Flight Girl 2

Alex Grigg’s Flight Girl 2

Going back in time, this model was also amazing. For lighting we used a three arm speedlight bracket to lighten her up. I did very minimal editing in Photoshop for her. This included some dodging and burning to bring the detail out on her clothes. Overall, she was a blast to work with!

Motorcycle Girl

Alex Grigg’s Motorcycle Girl

So we didn’t actually go back in time for this one, but this model was also fun to work with.  We were actually trying to get a couple’s shot of her and another man when we decided to take a small break. Since we weren’t doing anything I asked if it would be ok if i only got a shot of her. She said yes and this was the end result. Pretty good I’ll say.