Advertising & Marketing

Center Stage

For my Fall 2018 semester, I had the wonderful opportunity to work on the marketing board for an advertising agency called Center Stage. This advertising agency was owned by my university and dealt with marketing for shows and concerts held by my school. During that semester I had the opportunity to create digital ads for performers such as Brian Stokes Mitchell, Ryan Hamilton, and Skerryvore.  I also had the opportunity to rebrand and create new images for the Center Stage social media accounts. Below are my best works with images taken by myself unless said otherwise.

Center Stage Rebranding



Brian Stokes Mitchell Ads

Every year my university holds a Christmas concert with a celebrity guest performer to lead the show. The year we hosted the concert we had two-time Tony award winning singer Brian Stokes Mitchell. I was privelaged enough to have been selected to create a few of his digital ads. Below are my works. All images, with the exception of the headshot of Brian Stokes Mitchell, were taken by me.

Skerryvore Rock Band Ads.

Skerryvore is an international folk-rock band from Scotland. I was privaleged to have been selected to create digital ads for their performance that year. The images featuring the band as well as their logo were provided by their team and are not my own work.