Fashion Shoot with World War II Details!

This was all part of my “Back in the Past” series. For this project we had to take some WWII Fine Art pictures of the air museum were were visiting. Most of these WWII Fine Art photos were taken either with natural light or with a continuous strobe light. I’m a big fan of the “up close and personal” style of photography, so I was trying to imitate that. Overall, after adjusting some settings in Photoshop, I think these WWII Fine Art images of being up-close and personal turned out very well. Take a look at them!

Also, a big shout out to LEGACY FLIGHT MUSEUM for letting me use their museum for this project. Here is their website!

WWII Fine Art

Alex Grigg’s WWII Fine Art

This was a close up of a soldier in uniform to show World War II details. I really focused on the hat because I thought that was the more important aspect of the photo.

WWII Fine Art 2

Alex Grigg’s WWII Fine Art 2

An up-close and personal photo of the propeller of an airplane, another great example of World War II details. I slightly increased the colors in Photoshop.

WWII Fine Art 3

Alex Grigg’s WWII Fine Art 3

An up-close and personal photo of an engine pulled out of an airplane. I though this rim made an interesting pattern.



WWII Fine Art 4

Alex Grigg’s WWII Fine Art 4

A side-view of one of the historical airplanes in the museum. Didn’t do much editing for this one except increase the exposure.





WWII Fine Art 5

Alex Grigg’s WWII Fine Art 5

I simple like this airplane because of out the colors juxtapose each other. And it’s a great shot! The only editing I did for this one was increase the contrast. It was a blast shooting World War II details at the Legacy Flight museum.